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Saturday, August 29, 2009

You Don't Have To Keep Me Behind Bars!

Why am I being kept behind bars?

I know you need to mop the floor...

but I am a good girl...

I'll keep off the floor when you are mopping.

You know that, don't you?

*yawn* I'm sleepy, I need to get to my bed...

Okay, if you are not letting me over, would you please hurry up with the mopping?

And stop clicking on that "toy" of yours!!


  1. Aw, Minnie! We know exactly how you feel - we get locked in the kitchen when our humans are cleaning the lounge and we get locked out of the kitchen when our humans are cleaning that room - a pup simply can not win!! Never mind, it never lasts too long does it?! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. Minnie - you are not alone, we too get locked up but mommy does her bestest to put us behind bars with a few of our favorite toys and some treats ;-). We have her soooo well trained.


  3. Minnie dont worry am going to get a ladder for your next birthday ^^


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