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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today Is A Fun Day

This is a park! I've never been to a park.
I met this Santa-lookalike in the park, she kept coming at me.
Oh, forget about her, I want to explore this place.
Then I met this lady. She lifted me up to see if I am a girl or a boy.
Hmmm...does she need to do that? Do I look like a boy?
Thank goodness, Aunty Diana brought along our water bowl and some water.
Then we rested for a while.
Aunty Diana played a little game with me.
I ran to catch up with Aunty Diana...
This drain is an obstacle...
Aunty Diana tried to coax me to jump over...
Can you guess if I did jump over the drain by myself?
No, I didn't...maybe I will the next time...
We ran, and ran, and I have never ran this far before.
Let's get Santa to join us!
Let's race to the pond!
Oops, what are you doing Santa?
After a while, we rested after tiring out.
It's time to leave and I was given a good wipe all over before getting into the car.
Goodbye, park, I'll be back!!
Money, money, what are we buying?
Mmmm...that smells good....
What is that?
Can I have more please?
.....more please.....
mmm....more, more.....
Santa, this is nice, don't you want some?
*lick* *lick*
Finished? Nothing left?
Yeah, one last piece for me!
Looks like Santa is dead tired!
Now I can take a rest myself.
Oh yes, going to the park is quite a distance but I didn't get car sick! Hooray, I can now travel far!!


  1. Very nice, hope can join u guys the next time, btw I like pic 21 alot!essence of life haha

  2. You had FUN FUN FUN
    I can see that :)
    LOVELY pictures and so many ...... LOL

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

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  4. Minnie- How wonderful that you can now ride in the car without getting sick; we're so proud of you.

    Looks like you had more energy than poor tired Santa; hope he got some yummy fries as well.

    I'm sure you'll jump that drain on your own pretty soon...

    Paws out ~

    Nellie & Calvert

    (forgive our mommy, she was replying to both your blog and Sasha's and mixed up the names. silly mommy - she said we kept her up last night and she got very little sleep) ;-)

    August 17, 2009 11:

  5. Hi Minnie - oooh, we're so excited for you! Your first visit to the park - isn't the park FUN?! As you know we LOVE the park - it was great to see you having such a good time, such wonderful photos, we really enjoyed this post. BUT we're jealous!!! We DON'T get yummy treats like you did on our way back from the park - we pointed this out to our humans IMMEDIATELY!!! Aw, poor Santa was all tuckered out! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  6. wow, Minnie u went ot the park, i hope i can meet u there next time !!

    Carrie :)


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