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Thursday, November 26, 2009

What Can You Make With A Sock?

What are you making with that sock, Aunty Diana?
Hey, why are you making holes there, Aunty Diana?
Oh no, another hole! What's that for?
Huh? A panty diaper!
What do you think, Santa?
It fits snugly but I'm just not used to it yet! I don't feel right!!
Aunty Diana said this will stop me being messy.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm A Big Girl Now

What is that, Aunty Diana?

Is that blood?

Huh? I'm a big girl now?

But I'm just eight months old!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Couldn't Sleep


Er.....I was bored...

I couldn't sleep last night when everyone's asleep, including Santa...

I was feeling hungry...

So I thought I could do a little jaw exercise chewing on them and forget those hunger pangs.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

We Have A Fun Day Today

Thank God, it rained yesterday and this morning, we have a fine day! Yes, a fine day means we can go to the park again!!

Aunty Diana took so many pictures and she couldn't pick just a few to post, so she made this...

Yes, we are at the petshop again and this fella is still there!

Uncle Stanley said he is the Shop Manager...look at his tie!

Hey, I met you last week too.

This guy has just been groomed.

Silky-Terrier Miniature-Schnauzer
See how fluffy he is...

He misses his owner and is waiting for him/her to come.


Why are we here at the Pet Salon? Can you tell that we look different? We got trimmed just a little bit. We wanted to do it last week but they were fully booked so Mummy made an appointment this time. Look what has happened to Santa's fluffy ears! Hahaha....

Silky-Terrier Miniature-Schnauzer
Oh, look at this pretty girl, isn't she beautiful?

After all those running and playing, I'm exhausted.

So is Santa.

Back home, after our bath, I got to dig into the bag of treats that Aunty Diana bought today.

Silky-Terrier Miniature-Schnauzer
Excuse me, I'm still damp with the Lemon Skin Tonic.

I want this!

Silky-Terrier Miniature-Schnauzer
Look at us, neat and tidy after being brushed.

Silky-Terrier Miniature-SchnauzerSo now can we have our treats?

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