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Thursday, November 26, 2009

What Can You Make With A Sock?

What are you making with that sock, Aunty Diana?
Hey, why are you making holes there, Aunty Diana?
Oh no, another hole! What's that for?
Huh? A panty diaper!
What do you think, Santa?
It fits snugly but I'm just not used to it yet! I don't feel right!!
Aunty Diana said this will stop me being messy.

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  1. Minnie,

    Wow... you ARE a big girl now. Mom had to explain this to Nellie as she was fixed before she could make a mess.

    Your aunt is very clever, that sock idea is wonderful! I'm sure you'll get use to it in no time.

    We're off to make Thanksgiving dinner, but wanted to stop in and thank you and Santa for being our special friends.

    We love visiting and reading your blog!

    Paws-out good friends
    Nellie & Calvert

  2. That's a good idea... didn't know socks can be made to become diapers... hehe. You definitely is a big girl now, Minnie.

    Licks, hero

  3. You look cute in your little pink diaper!

  4. You have a very smart mom Minnie...pretty soon you can take that off.

  5. So creative!!! Well to the wonderful world of big girls Minnie!!


  6. Haha, Aunty Diana is so clever and creative!
    You're too darling in that pink panty diaper.
    Oooops, look like my mom is coming with something that looks like a blue sock and a scissor! Gotta run Minnie, love ya!

  7. Hi Minnie - such a big girl! Your Aunty Diana is amazing - do you think she could be cloned please as we'd like one too, he he he! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  8. Aunty Diana you are so CREATIVE.
    The last time I had my period, my mum spent ALOT to buy me diapers and sanitary panty and panty liner. But I eat up the cotton in the diapers and I chewed away the panty liner. It was too stuffy down under...there!

    Jessie The Rascal Queen.

  9. Hi Minnie! My Pops is thinking of making one for me now, since I love to leave Golden Offerings around (and yesterday I left one on his foot!).

    I hope he doesn't make me a pink one though... blue is more my color.



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