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Saturday, August 29, 2009

You Don't Have To Keep Me Behind Bars!

Why am I being kept behind bars?

I know you need to mop the floor...

but I am a good girl...

I'll keep off the floor when you are mopping.

You know that, don't you?

*yawn* I'm sleepy, I need to get to my bed...

Okay, if you are not letting me over, would you please hurry up with the mopping?

And stop clicking on that "toy" of yours!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Are You Doing, Boon Chun?

I got my earholes cleaned by Boon Chun...
He plucked the hair from my earholes...
At first I felt uncomfortable because I am not used to having my earholes being clean this way.
Sorry, Boon Chun, for all my strugglings...
Hope I'll get used to having the hair of my earholes being plucked and be calm when having it done.
Thanks, Boon Chun!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today Is A Fun Day

This is a park! I've never been to a park.
I met this Santa-lookalike in the park, she kept coming at me.
Oh, forget about her, I want to explore this place.
Then I met this lady. She lifted me up to see if I am a girl or a boy.
Hmmm...does she need to do that? Do I look like a boy?
Thank goodness, Aunty Diana brought along our water bowl and some water.
Then we rested for a while.
Aunty Diana played a little game with me.
I ran to catch up with Aunty Diana...
This drain is an obstacle...
Aunty Diana tried to coax me to jump over...
Can you guess if I did jump over the drain by myself?
No, I didn't...maybe I will the next time...
We ran, and ran, and I have never ran this far before.
Let's get Santa to join us!
Let's race to the pond!
Oops, what are you doing Santa?
After a while, we rested after tiring out.
It's time to leave and I was given a good wipe all over before getting into the car.
Goodbye, park, I'll be back!!
Money, money, what are we buying?
Mmmm...that smells good....
What is that?
Can I have more please?
.....more please.....
mmm....more, more.....
Santa, this is nice, don't you want some?
*lick* *lick*
Finished? Nothing left?
Yeah, one last piece for me!
Looks like Santa is dead tired!
Now I can take a rest myself.
Oh yes, going to the park is quite a distance but I didn't get car sick! Hooray, I can now travel far!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Car Ride Again!

Yay! I get to go on a car ride again!!
I'm getting to like car rides...
...and I'm getting used to it too.
I'm not alone though. Santa is at the back there.
Santa, what are you doing back there?
Aww, Santa, are you that tired?
Take a closer look...she's really sleeping.
Hey, why do you put me here?
I prefer the front seat...I love the airconditioning blowing in my face!
Santa, why are you staring at me?
I just want to go back to the front seat.
Yeah, you can have the whole of the back seat to yourself!
Nice view there, Santa?
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