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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Got My Very First Award!

Santa, you're giving me an award? What award? Where? Where?

Oh wow! I've got an award!! Oh wow, I'm so excited!! What is this "The Oskar Award"?'s an award from Oskar, his very own personal award made by the Purple Hatter.

Yes, yes, I am super cool, that's how I got this award! Are you super cool too? If yes, you are most welcome to take this award!!

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  1. Hi little Minnie! What a cool award for a such a cool little puppy! Congratulations!

    Hey, we issued a 'please take it if you don't have it' comment on the award on the 'Oops! I ate it!' award that we got recently, but if you don't mind we would like to officially request that you officially accept it as we'd love to know what nibbles you've managed to sneak off Santa! Please swing by to collect and please DO post on what you've mangaed to nibble - we're wondering if we can pick up any tips from you, he he he!

    Schnauzer snuggles to our favourite silky - JD and Max.


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