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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Get That Cat!!

What are you looking at?

Go away, you teaser!

Hey, somebody, get me out of here!!

Santa, help me get that cat!!

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  1. If that cat only knew what you were thinking, he would not have set there with some a smirk on his face. Cat, beware, there will be another time, another place...

  2. Hi Minnie,

    Those cats really know how to taunt us, don't they? But one day we will show them.

    Licks, hero

  3. Hi Minnie,

    Cats are strange critters. I hope you didn't have to wait long to be let out.


  4. Hi Minnie, thanks for visiting my blog, I'm very happy to be your friend.
    Whenever I see a cat, it runs away, but all I want to do is say Hello - Dad says to be careful because some cats scratch !
    Love, Bella.


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