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Monday, February 1, 2010

What Can Move Without Legs?

There's something out there!

What is it?

Come closer and take a look!

Can you see it?

Can you see it now?

Oh, it's getting onto that slipper!

Shoo...get off that slipper!!

What's that you're carrying on your back, little fella?

Hey, where are you going?

Where are your legs? I can't see your legs. How do you move without legs?

Hey, careful there, you're going to fall off!!

I think it's gone. It sure move fast even without legs!

Hey, Christmas, where were you just now? I just saw something that can move real fast even without legs!! You should have seen it.

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  1. What an interesting looking critter!

  2. Hi Minnie,

    I once ate those slimy little creatures and it doesn't taste good, I tell ya.

    Licks, hero

  3. We get those things without the shell in our garden when it gets really wet...I probably ate one :)

  4. Mom doesn't like those cause they're slimey! Ewwwwww!!!

  5. I used to live in Holland and there were always snail everywhere there!

  6. Hi Minnie - yup, we're not sure about these weird little creatures either. The humans shout at us when we sniff them - but we can't help being interested! Wonderful photos - we really enjoyed this cute post! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.


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