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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mango Minster 2010

Hey, you guys are not going to Mango Minster without me, are you?!

Please wait for me!! This is my official entry:

Name: Minnie
Gender: Female
I will be competing in the Cracker Dog Insane Terriers (CDIT)
GroupBreed: Silky Terrier

What do I have to do next? To bring Norwood a bribe hotdog? Oh, okay, I'll be bringing this hotdog to you, Norwood. HEY NORWOOD, WE ARE BRINGING YOU A HOTDOG EACH, WATCH OUT FOR US, SANTA, CHRISTMAS AND ME, MINNIE!!

To all my friends, head on over to Mango Minster to join the fun.

Minnie's Signature


  1. Gosh! How many of you are there? Thanks for all your entries. See you at the show.


  2. Is Beckham going to join too?

    Good luck, I hope Mango makes an exception and lets all three of you win! :)

  3. You have this show wrapped up!

  4. Hi Minnie - oh, we didn't think the other girls would leave you out! Good luck with your entry - we love your froggie legs in that picture and we bet you do really well in the contest. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  5. Good luck for the award to all of you !
    Love, Bella.


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