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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Am I To Do?

Do you think that is an innocent face? Don't let that face fool you!White Schnauzer
She snorts!!White Schnauzer
And she kicks her hind legs!!
White Schnauzer
Which I take it as a challenge.
White Schnauzer
I would try to get on top of her...
White Schnauzer
To let her know who is "alpha".
White Schnauzer
She's always getting in front of me whenever we get our treats.
White Schnauzer
Sometimes I'm just not going to take that and I'll get in front of her.
White Schnauzer
She is so possessive, she even fights with me to get onto those laps but she can't, because she's just too fat to leap onto them! Hahaha...I won this time!
White Schnauzer
Then she sleeps in my bed!
White Schnauzer
She spoils our toys from Nellie and Calvert.
White Schnauzer
See what she has done to this...

Take a closer look...

and this...

That's squeaky cow's tail.

Hmph...what am I to do with her?

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  1. Looks like my Yoda may have a little Silkie in him.

  2. It will get easier. She loves you, and it will get easier.
    Sally Ann

  3. That's some siblings bonding... the Christmas way!

    Licks, hero

  4. Uh oh Minnie...better just love Christmas just the way he is....and then just steal the next toy he gets!!!


  5. Oh my goodness, Minnie! You do have your paws full with her! Good Luck!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  6. Ha! Now we know why Max & JD's mom kept the statue of liberty away from them; too easy to get carried away and chew it!

    Don't worry Minnie, you're not alone, Nellie has a daily struggle with Calvert, his antics and constant need for attention. Sigh... We're sure it will get better, if not you can do what Nellie does to Cal; she sits on him! hahahahah

    It's very sweet of you to share your toys, treats and your bed... you're such a good girl!

    Belly rubs!


  7. Poor Minnie! Sibling rivalry can really be tough to deal with. Believe me, I know this from personal experiences!

    Hopefully things will get better.


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