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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our New Toys

Another tote bag? Let me in! Let me in!

Tote-Bag Silky-Terrier
You want to come in too, Santa? Sorry, no room for you! Why don't you go and see what Aunty Diana is making for you?

Tote-Bag Silky-Terrier Miniature-Schnauzer
Hey, Santa, that pink doggie looks like you!

Miniature-Schnauzer Scotty-Dog
See, she's wearing your collar too!

Oh, poor doggie, see what we have left on her...

Miniature-Schnauzer Silky-Terrier Scotty-Dog
Oh wow, another doggie?

And what is doggie doing on the bag?

Silky-Terrier Scotty-Dog Tote-Bag
Can I have it please?

Silky-Terrier Scotty-Dog Tote-Bag
I got it!

Silky-Terrier Scotty-Dog Tote-Bag
Santa, what are you starring at? This is mine!

Miniature-Schnauzer Silky-Terrier Scotty-Dog Tote-Bag
Hey, Aunty Diana, what are you doing? Why are you hanging them up there?

Scotty-Dog Tote-Bag
I promise I won't leave "marks" on them!

Silky-Terrier Scotty-Dog Tote-Bag
Please, please, let me play with them!

Silky-Terrier Scotty-Dog Tote-Bag


  1. You two are just too cute for words.

  2. Oh Minnie, those toys do look irrestible!!

  3. The two of you are mischievously cute... and since there are two of the toys, it's always good to share, right?

    Licks, hero

  4. What an awesome purse, toys and of course YOU Minnie!!!


  5. Hi Minnie - we've said it before and we'll say it again - your Aunty Diana is amazing, we want an Aunty Diana too! Poor pink doggie with doggie drool on it - he he he! You two are just adorable playing with your new toys, bet you had loads of fun. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  6. These two are incredibly adorable :)


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