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Monday, March 29, 2010

I Have Been Tagged!

Together with Santa, we have been tagged by our new friend, Jesse the Westie for a game. The game is to open your first photo folder, post the tenth photo and the story behind it and then tagged five or more people to play.

Santa and I shared the same photo folders and since Santa has played before and has used the photo required, I am going to use the tenth photo from our second photo folder.

This photo was taken of me when I was about ten weeks old. I can't remember what was the story behind this picture. Most probably it was me relaxing after a meal.

I want to tag

  1. The Fiesty Three being Indiana, Shingo and Molly,
  2. Bella the Westie,
  3. Snowy & Crystal,
  4. Gail of Familiar Spirit, and
  5. Remington the super hunk that's every girl's dream.

Have fun!

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  1. You look soooooo very cute in this picture Minnie..Thanks for sharing!!


  2. I just got retagged for this by the Fiesty Three and was going to tag Minnie!

    This is a very cute picture!

  3. Hey Minnie! Just wanted to let you know that you've got an award! No wait, make that two!!!


  4. awwwh!!! you were one of the cuttest Austrialian Silky Terrier baby at 10 weets old ^_^ you look so precious in that photo. You are still a cutie pie.

    Thanks for tagging us to get involved in this fun game. When mama returns home (she is at work at the moment) and gets back to our home laptop, we will post the 10th pic in our pic folder ;)

    wet licks



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