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Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Meal On The Table

Santa, what are you doing up there?
Why are you eating on the table?
What are you eating, Santa?
Why aren't you sharing with me? Come on, Santa, I want some!
Aunty Diana, what is Santa eating up there? Santa, you've enough? Did you leave some for me?
Aunty Diana said: No, Minnie, you already had yours. **hush** Santa keeps running away so I have to put her up there to keep her from running away so that she can finish her food. But you are a good girl, Minnie, you don't need to be confined on a table to finish your food.


  1. Why she is having her meal on the table? Isnt that a bit dangerous??

  2. Needs to confine her to the table otherwise she runs away from her food! Rather difficult to get her to eat her first meal of the day.

  3. she will have her meal so high up ? my milky will only shiver when he is high up on the table . (:

  4. Hi Minnie - we feel so daft, we didn't realise you had your OWN blog too! We've now added you to our blog roll so we don't miss out on your adventures with Santa. Hey, this is great - and isn't Santa daring - woah, we'd be a bit nervous! Tail wags - JD and Max.


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